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Breakdown maintenance

Breakdown maintenance

breakdown maintenance is also called unscheduled maintenance, in breakdown maintenance, the equipment has completely failed and immediate action to be taken, breakdown maintenance causes for production loss. Sometimes breakdown maintenance used as optimization for preventive maintenances.
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type of breakdown maintenances
Type of breakdown maintenance

How many types of breakdown maintenance?

There are two types of breakdown maintenance.

  1. Planned breakdown maintenance
  2. Unplanned breakdown maintenance

Planned breakdown maintenance

In the planned breakdown maintenance machine is in operation until its failure, the maintenance team is aware of the failure and well prepared for repair.

Unplanned breakdown maintenance

In this maintenance equipment failed unexpectedly, Unplanned breakdown maintenance

It is more costly than other maintenance.

There are to the type of Unplanned breakdown maintenance

  1. Corrective type

  1. Reactive type

What is the goal of breakdown maintenance?

The goal of breakdown maintenance is repairing the machine’s urgent basis.

what are the causes of breakdown maintenance?

there are many causes of breakdown maintenances listed below.

  1. Improper maintenance
  2. Planed inspection not to be done on time.
  3. Not proper operation
  4. Design problem

How to minimize breakdown maintenance?

  1. Operate equipment within the designer limit
  2. To do regular preventive maintenance
  3. Follow the checklist during preventive maintenances.
  4. Overhauling and parts change on regular time
  5. To do regular inspection
  6. To do LLF (look listen feel) daily

Why breakdown maintenance could occur in plants.

  1. A pump is running overload and failed due to the wrong operation,
  2. The incurrent part has been installed.
  3. Could be lubrication issue or wrong lubricants used.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of breakdown maintenance?


  1. Very few staff need it.
  2. Take time to repair
  3. Easy to understood what is failed and how to repair
  4. Less time for repaired


  1. Downtime of plant increase
  2. Production loss
  3. Some difficult to find out the reason for failed
  4. Catastrophic failure could happen.

what is the difference between breakdown and preventive maintenance?

In the breakdown maintenance unscheduled and high-cost maintenance.

In preventive maintenance is scheduled, low cost and regular time-based maintenance.

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