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mechanical equipment used in industries

Mechanical Equipment

Any human mead machine which reduces human efforts and time. There are two types of mechanical equipment. these are listed below.

  1. Rotating equipment
  2. Static equipment 

    Rotating equipment 

    Any Equipment which internal or external part rotate by human effort electric motors it is
    called rotating equipment. There are many types of rotating equipment on the base of working
    and body construction.


    The Pump is a mechanical device that is used to transfer the processes fluid.

    1. Centrifugal pump
    2. reciprocating pump


    A compressor is a mechanical device that is used to transfer the processes gases or air with increased pressures and reduce volume.


     The turbine is used for power generation or as a driver of rotating equipment like a pump, compressor, blower, fans, etc.

    1. Steam turbine
    2. Gas turbine
    3. Hydraulic turbine

    Agitator and mixer  

    An agitator is a device or mechanics which is used for mixing, blending, or to put in motion to process fluid.

    Fin fan

    fin fan is a mechanical device that is used to cool the process fluid. In the fin fan, tow parts are there induced draft, force draft, and the second part is fins tube bundles.


    Blowers are used to increasing the velocity of gas or air, but not compress.


    A fan is a mechanical device used for move air or gas without more increases in velocity.


    It is a type of turbine which is used for power generation. It is also called an expansion turbine. It is generating power with the help of dynamo.


    The gearbox is a mechanical device that is used for transition the rotary motion from driver to drive equipment. It works as a mediator.

    Diesel engines


    Mills are used to crush the processed material. There or many types of mills a few list of then mentioned below. Ball mill, rod mill, and rolling mills, etc.
    Mechanical equipment used in industries like (industries, oil & gas refinery, Steel plants, pharm, power generation, power plants, etc.

    What is the type of mechanical equipment? 

    On the base of working there are three types of equipment.

    Static equipment

    Rotating equipment


    Static equipment

    1. Vessel
    2. Column
    3. Reactors
    4. Heat exchanger
    5. Steam generator
    6. Heaters
    7. Boilers
    8. Tanks Valves
    9. Piping’s

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