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What is fan | types | application


A fan is a mechanical device which is used to transfer air from one place to another place.
Fans create pressure against ducts and piping.The rotating impellers increase velocity, and
then air speed Convert in to pressure.Mostly fan are used for ventilation system.

As per the American Association of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) specific ratio the

The ratio of discharge air to section air is defined by the blower and fan.

API standard for fans (API STD 673)



Type of fan

  1. Centrifugal fan 
  2. axial fan


Classification of centrifugal fan

On the base of impeller blade design fan classified in 3 type
  • backward curve vane
  • Forward curve vane
  • Radial curve vane

Type of axial fan

     The axial fan flow comes parallel to the rotating shaft and discharged in also same.
  • Propeller fan


  • Vane axial fan


  • Tube axial fan



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