Types of maintenance

Types of maintenance

What is maintenance?

The work that is done according to the schedule to operate any equipment safely, to keep its condition better, or to take its output with full efficiency, is called maintenance. The maintenance department of industries has competent personnel for equipment maintenance.

Who maintains equipment regularly?

Mechanical, instrument and electrical departments do this type of maintenance. Where mechanical maintenance equipment like as pumps, blowers, compressor, gearbox, fan, turbine, valve, and other rotating and static equipment, and instruments departments maintain solenoids, PG, TG, XV, PV, PRV, Thermowells, proves, sensors, etc. electrical department maintains only electrical related equipment like as transformers, motors, generators in electricals, and valves in
The main objective of maintenance is to increase the UP time (availability) of equipment.

Types of maintenance in industries

  1.  preventive maintenance 
  2.  predictive maintenance (condition-based maintenance)
  3.  corrective maintenance
  4. breakdown maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Maintenance is done to correct the possible defects of equipment before its breakdown is called preventive maintenance. It is also known as scheduled maintenance. The checklist to follow for each piece of equipment during preventive maintenance is different.

Predictive maintenance (condition-based maintenance)

The malfunction observation in the equipment could damage our equipment, and action taken to correct the malfunctions before the breakdown of equipment is called predictive maintenance. By use of condition-based maintenance increases the life and efficiency of the equipment.

Corrective Maintenance 

The malformations observed in the equipment and equipment have a breakdown or go after some time, action taken to correct the malfunctions before or after the breakdown of equipment is called corrective maintenance.

 Breakdown Maintenance

Fix it when it is a complete failure. Efficient equipment is tied to any problem and the work that is done in trying to make it functional again is called breakdown maintenance.

Which is considered to be the worst among all types of maintenance.

This type of scenario occurs when the equipment and its parts wear out. Or some misshaping happened with equipment. In production, the loss goes up, to prevent this type of maintenance we do all above Maintened maintenance models.

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