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Type of gasket

What is a gasket?

The gasket is a sealing material that is used to seal the space between two or more connecting flanges. The gasket can also use for tolerating some misalignment and uneven space between the flange.

Where is a gasket used?

Gasket used to seal the two flange-like equipment flange and piping flange, pipe to pipe flange, and others sometimes gasket is used to seal the casings like pump casing, compressor casing, and others.

What material is used to make a gasket?

In metallic 

316, 316l, 304, 410, 410s, monal, Inconel, titanium, nickel, chrome, lead, hairstyle b, and histology c, and carbon steel.


PTFE, Teflon, rubber sheet, paper sheet, etc.

How to select a gasket?

Many parameters consider selecting the appropriate gasket. The parameters are the following. 

  1. Temperature
  2. Pressure,
  3. Corrosion resistance
  4. Services
  5. Fluid behavior

How many types of gasket?

Mainly three types of gaskets used in industries are mentioned below

  1. Metallic type
  2. Non-metallic type
  3. Semi-metallic type (composite type)

Metallic type

Metallic type gasket uses mainly on RTJ type flanges, like 900 and above class with high temperature and pressure, like a steam line or other. Two types of RTJ gaskets are mainly used. The soft material is used to make. It is used for high-temperature high pressure as well as low-pressure low temperature also.

  1. Octagonal
  2. Oval type

Non-metallic type

Non-metallic type use for low pressure and temperature survives and up to 150 to 300 class. The material used for making non-metallic type gasket. Paper, Teflon, metal, glass, fiber, rubber, Pate, graphite, and others. Non-metallic gasket uses as full-faced and second one inside bolt circle diameter.

Semi-metallic type (composite type)

The semi-metallic gasket is used mostly in hydrocarbon piping and hazard services piping. There are three types of the semi-metallic gasket, that is mentioned below,

  1. Spiral wound gasket
  2. Cam profile gasket (look like spiral wound gasket)
  3. Metal jacketed  (This type of gasket used in the heat exchanger)

There are two types of spiral-bound gasket shapes first one is V type and the second one is W type.

Reason for gasket failure

There are many reasons for gasket failure some of them are listed below.

1. Unappropriated gasket used

2. Design is not robust
3. Flange misalignment and uneven gap
4. Causes of flange leaky

How many types of gaskets are used in the oil and gas industries?

There are mainly four types of gasket used in oil and gas industries that are seat gasket, Teflon gasket metallic and non-metallic type gasket sometime also use spiral wound gasket there are two types of the spiral-wound gasket with inner ring gasket without inner ring, without outer ring gasket and without inner and outer in the gasket.

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