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What is LOTO

LOTO (Lockout-Tagout)

Lockout-Tagout system is mostly use in industries for safety of work men. In the LOTO system each department have self-color lock to isolate electrical system of equipment. Sometime LOTO are used for inlet and outlet pipe line’s valve isolation.

Every year globally many incidents are caused by improper control of hazardous energy and failure to follow Lockout-Tagout.

Potential Hazardous energy comes in many different forms such as Chemical, Electrical, Hydraulic, Mechanical, Pneumatic, Thermal, OR Other source of energy.  below the picture of lock and tag.



Where LOTO is required?                                                                                        

When a workman is required to remove guard, maintenance job on equipment or any part needed to be change of the equipment. Tagout never should be use alone to isolate energy any types.
Simple Lockout.
Accomplished by individuals placing personal lock and tags directly on the point of isolation.
Complex Lockout.
Person is change as responsible for keeping all the hazardous energy source hazardous   material and Electrical.

Requirement for Lockout-Tagout devices

    •  Following requirements are adhered to while applying Lockout-Tagout Devices must be Substantial enough to present removal without excessive force.
    • Clearly indicating details of employee who installed the device.
    • Uniquely identified.
    • With one key only.

Lockout -Devices

Five colored locks for different discipline are defined Red – Electrical, yellow – Mechanical, Black – process, Blue – Instrument, Green – Other.                                                                             


When more than one agency or involved in the job each authorized person must affix his on personal lock and tags before beginning any work.

LOTO lock and tags




Multi-lock devices shall be used as need for additional locks Tag-out devices.

Who it effected?

  • LOTO impacts life of worker and facility’s.
  • Three categories to stake holders include.
  • Authorized employees who are specifically trend and perform and maintain LOTO.
  • Affects employees who work with or near the equipment being serviced who are trained to recognized LOTO but not perform for Lockout-Tagout activities.

Effective Energy Control                      


Let know about the four-key compartment to an effective energy control program LOTO produced   that outline specify step and requirement authorized employees need to complete safe lockout of the equipment.

A periodic inspection should follow for check workman are follow loto procedure properly or not, review and update the same. Give the LOTO training to all employee and work man.



Main point for to apply LOTO                                                                                                          


  • Shutdown perpetration Locate all power sources that power the device. Each source should is identified on the lockout process of the instrument.



  • Notifications – Inform all affected employees and teams that you are ready to start the lockout process.



  • Shutdown – Turn off the device by following its normal shutdown procedure and isolate and services line also.



  • Isolation – Disconnect the equipment by turning off the energy at the main power source Apply a lockout device and tag — Apply the lock to each energy stripping device to a suitable lockout device, each lockout point that is detailed in the lockout process.



  • The lockout tag that goes with it should clearly indicate who applied the lockout device.



  • If many people are going to work on one piece of equipment, each must apply their own lock to the isolation device.



  • This will ensure that the energy source remains closed until each worker removes their own lock.



  • Discarding or securing any stored energy – this may include draining valves, releasing hydraulic pressure, closing moving parts, or in the process.



  • Verification – Turn off the power by attempting to restart the device after electrical isolation. Once verified, the equipment returns to the switch off position.


Tagout picture, (do not operate tag)


do not operate tag for loto


    • All indication Gauges, transmitter, and indicators should be check before the LOTO removed from energy source to confirm is that work is completed or not. Drains can become blocked and not function properly as designed.
    • When verifying isolation, personnel must be taking precautions to avoid any other putting themselves at risk or creating additional hazards.

Step for LOTO before staring the job

    • To Start LOTO – know the type, amount, hazards and control methods of energy
    • Review the activity to be conducted for which LOTO is to be done
    • Review relevant standards and procedures
    • Secure relevant P&ID, plans, drawings, etc. As necessary
    • Prepare plan of action i.e., Work Clearance Document.

Step for Removing LOTO and Restoring Equipment

    • Safeguard employees, ensure all are clear of the equipment.
    • Alert employees on re-energization.
    • Verify all tools have been removed and all guards reinstalled.
    • Remove LOTO devices.
    • Energize equipment.
Safe Work Closure (before putting the equipment in normal operation).
    • Check if all the barricades, notices, etc. Are removed.
    • Check if all Permits to Work associated with the equipment are closed
    • Check if all lock-out devices are returned to their respective designated locations.
    • Observe for any abnormal sound, vibration, etc.

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