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what is side stream filter and its benefits

Side Stream Filter

Sidestream filter (ss filter) is a type of filter that is used to remove suspended impurity from water (suspended impurity means that solid particles, turbidity, organics, dead organics, and silts particle) from the present in water).

This is the most common type of filtration system that is mostly used in cooling tower water supply system applications like with cooling tower, or with condenser and any other types of system. Mainly these type of system use for high filtration velocity.

There are the following types of problems you will face if not use a filtration system like Biofilm and fouling, Dirt and fine particulate, Scale, Corrosion, Excessive Foam.

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This is a continuous filtration system of a part of flowing cooling water to remove the unwanted impunity. if the suspended impurities are not removed by use of any filter that will go in equipment like condenser, heat exchanger and other type and start deposition and due to this heat transfer capacity will decrease time to time.

To increase the heat reduction capacity first of all we will have to remove the impurity from the equipment parts. so that ss type stream filter is used in the system chemical process as well. The suspended impurity also removed by the use of chemicals. A most common type of chemical is used to removed suspended impurity is scale inhibitors, Water softeners, and ion exchangers, Corrosion and scale inhibitors, Biocides and algaecides, Anti-foaming agents, pH adjusters.

side stream filter can use for filtration of the following sizes of impurities Particle Sand – 100 to 2,000 Microns, Pollens – 10 to 1,000 Microns, Mold Spores10 to 30 Microns, and Bacteria likes 3 Microns.


Types of equipment used with cooling towers

Some common type of equipment used in the system with cooling tower, these are following. As shown above-mentioned pictures.

  1. Side stream filter
  2. cooling tower pump
  3. A heat exchanger (Metallic)
  4. Water sump (RCC)
  5. Fan deck (FRC)
  6. Motors With cooling tower fan (Aluminium or FRC)
  7. Basin (RCC)

Types of side stream filter or filter

There are mainly five types of filters used as a side stream filtration system, their name with filtration capacity are mentioned below.

  1. Centrifugal Separators (40-75 microns, fine to coarse inorganics with a specific gravity of 1.62 or greater )
  2. Automatic Screen Filter (Less than or equal to 10 microns)
  3. High-Efficiency Sand Filter (Less than or equal to 0.45 microns) Best for fine, light particles; avoid heavy coarse particle applications
  4. Plastic Disk Filter (Less than or equal to 10 microns)
  5. Pressure Sand Filter (Less than or equal to 10 microns)

How to select side stream filter on the base  of technical spacification

The following technical data required to select appropriate side stream filter for your application, these are

  1. Flow rate
  2. filter size selection
  3. nos. of stages or module
  4. Backwash flow rate and backwash system type
  5. Backwash duration
  6. Inlet and outlet nozzle size for connection
  7. Min and max working pressure and temperature of your application.
  8. Min and max Backwash pressure

Material selection for side stream filter

There are mentioned most common type of material use in side stream filter for cooling water application.

  1. filter housing casing and lid – (Rainforced polypropylene, RPP)
  2. Small bore tubing – PA AND PE
  3. Seals – ptfe nbr an viton
  4. Associate mainifolds – PP
  5. Inlet valve – RPP

Why side stream filter used and its benefits

Side stream filter is the best and appropriate filtration tool to save equipment from fouling and deposition in a cooling water system.

This type of filter can improve your system life in the way you like.

  1.  Reduced the corrosion rates of equipment and piping system.
  2.  Increased the equipment life by improving the water quality and kill the bacteria.
  3.  Better system efficiency because reduce the deposition chance and increase the heat reduction rate.
  4.  Reduced maintenance costs are due to reduce deposition and fouling.
  5.  Increased chemical efficiency
  6.  Decreased chemical biocide, use because side stream filters work efficiently.

Where is the side stream filter used?

Many reasons are present to select side stream filter, following the most popular scenario mentioned for used SS Filter.

  1. cooling water (Makeup) source is a river, sewage, and other (unclarified water) it means that highly suspended solids and other unwanted impurity are chance to present.
  2. Facing Biological problems in past experience and chance to present in the new system as well.
  3. Heat exchanger, condenser, and other equipment internal part showing fouling even though the best anti foulant system is present in the existing system.
  4. Frequently maintenance activity has to do without a schedule.
  5. solid particle showing in large amount, solid particle buildup is fast.
  6. The heat transfer rate is reduced due to deposition rather than corrosion.

How to select side stream filter

When selecting a side stream filtration system for your application, you have to need to focus on major key parameters that are important like level of particle removal, filtration impurity sizing, how to install means methods, and cost and water savings potential.

  1. Particle size distribution analysis (this process has to be done before the selection).
  2. Filtration sizing (Size of the impurities present in your system need to remove).
  3. Installation methods (How to install).
  4. Filtration design and features.
  5. Economy analysis as compared to another filtration system.

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