What is plain bearing

Sleeve bearings Sleeve bearings are one of the most common and efficient types of bearings.We will show you the basic types of sleeve bearings and try to point out the differences between them and other types of bearing. There are two basic categories of bearings which are widely used in industry today: sliding contact bearings …

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Rolling contact bearing part 2

Rolling contact bearing Learning Objectives of this chapter Explained the different combinations of bearing Decrease internal clearance and pre-load of bearing Learn about bearing codes Interview questions on bearing Combination of bearing use in equipment Three types of combination of bearings mentioned below O type of arrangement (DB) back to back X type of arrangement …

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Basics of bearing

Bearing The term bearing comes from the bear, a bearing is a component that supports load while permitting relative motion between two parts of the machine. Bearing is an important part of a machine which carries load, reduces friction and gives a smooth operation. The selection of bearings is based on the requirement of the …

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