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A common problem of terminology work is that the importance and indeed the very nature of terminology is poorly understood

Cathodic Protection Test

Benefits of Cathodic Protection On Pipeline

Cathodic Protection on pipeline Cathodic protection is a great way to protect and extend the lifespan of your pipeline. It involves using an external power source, such as a galvanic anode or external rectifier, to reduce corrosion and increase the durability of your pipeline. Learn about the benefits that cathodic protection can offer and how […]

What is Management of change (MOC)?

Management of change (MOC) Management of change (MOC) is that any measures or minor changes in the process plant are called management of change. There are many types of management changes that occur in a plant, like changes in P&ID, changes in isometric drawing, changes in equipment design, changes in operating procedures, changes in inspection

What is LOTO

LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) is a safety procedure used in industries to protect workers from the unexpected startup or release of energy from machines or equipment during maintenance or servicing activities. It involves the use of locks and tags to isolate and control energy sources, preventing the accidental activation of machinery and ensuring the safety

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Cavitation in centrifugal pump

Cavitation in the centrifugal pump Cavitation in centrifugal pump is the formation of bubbles, because the liquid suction pressure fall below its vapor pressure or any other reasons. There are many cases of cavitation in centrifugal pumps, these are discussed below. The formation of the bubble mostly happens in a pipe inside, equipment, valves, and

NPSH (Net positive suction head)

NPSH (Net positive suction head)  What is NPSH? NPSH (net positive suction head) is the difference between suction pressure and lowest pressure inside the pump or system. By the use of the Bernoulli theorem, calculated if the suction pressure is greater than vapor pressure, then the risk of cavitation is negligible, but in other cases,

FMECA | Failure Mode Effects And Criticaliy

FMECA (failure mode effects and criticality analysis) The (FMECA) failure mode effects and critical analysis method is used to identify and prioritize failures that could occur in the processing system or particular equipment. It is a part of FMEA. With the help of failure mode effects and criticality analysis to identify what types of maintenance

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