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variety of rotating parts, wheels, gears and pulleys, Bearing, Mechanical seal, wearing, bush and other

What is plain bearing

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Sleeve bearings Sleeve bearings, also known as journal bearings, are a type of plain bearing that supports a rotating shaft using a cylindrical sleeve. The sleeve is typically made of a soft material such as bronze, brass, or a polymer like nylon or Teflon. The lubrication of the bearing is critical for its operation, and …

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What is balance drum and disk

What is the balance drum? It is a device which is used to balance the axial thrust build-up by impeller. it is also used with thrust bearing which is transfer very less residual thrust load to thrust bearing. This is the main benefit of drums. The balance drum is a circular device installed on pump …

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Rolling contact bearing part 2

Rolling contact bearing Learning Objectives of this chapter Explained the different combinations of bearing Decrease internal clearance and pre-load of bearing Learn about bearing codes Interview questions on bearing Combination of bearing use in equipment Three types of combination of bearings mentioned below O type of arrangement (DB) back to back X type of arrangement …

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