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I am a mechanical engineer by profession with having more than 10 years of experience. We accept a guest post only related to a mechanical engineer. This is a free platform for sharing informative and knowledgeable articles and other details mentioned below.

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We publish articles of anywhere between 600–2,500 words, depending on subject complexity. 1,500 words is about average. Articles often run with a custom illustration. Articles may be casual in tone and content—great for less-intensive tutorials and posts—or rigorously structured and edited. All should be well-considered explorations of current and cutting-edge topics in the web industry.

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  • Only mechanical related articles will posted on the website, and the article should be informative. Please check before submission, your article should be mechanically related.
  • If your article is for advertising purpose than that post will be chargeable 1000 to 3000 word charge 25$. Greater than 3000 words is 20$, and all articles should be plagiarism free. 
  • Link should not be more than 3 numbers.

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Grow Mechanical is dedicated to knowledge delivering up-to-date information on technology, engineering equipment and trends in the oil, gas, power plant, chemical plant, utility, ETP, STP, cooling tower, fire hydrants line and wastewater industries daily or weekly editorial topics.

We have expertise in the following fields: energy management, chemicals plant, pipe line installation, maintenance and repairs, and automation technology.

We have written articles which are used in industries like Pump, Compressor, Turbine, Reactor, Autoclave, Valve, Strainer, Pipe line, RDV, Blander, Agitator, Mixer, Steam trap, Steam valve, Control valve, Gear box, coupling and many more.

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