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Roles of Mechanical Engineer


Mechanical Engineer has an open opportunity to select his career according to interests like sector Plant and product design, Plant and product development, construction, Procurement of mechanical equipment, reliability and maintenance of mechanical equipment and devices, Automobile engineer, engineering services, research, and development, and manufacturing. The roles, skills, and responsibilities change according to his carrier …

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How to install mechanical seal

Installation of mechanical seal There are several checkpoints that should be followed before and during the installation of a mechanical seal. These checkpoints are mentioned here. Take permits according to the company before equipment disassembles. And follow the safety as mentioned in JSA, RA. Use all PPE which is mentioned in the permits’ system. Follow the …

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Interview question on bearing

Interview question on bearing What is bearing and why is it used? Bearing is machine element, it is use for reduce the friction between two part of the machine, it is also increase the reliability and availability of a machine, and use for increase the life of machine and reduce the down time. There are …

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Common Interview questions for mechanical engineer

Interview questions for mechanical engineer How many types of pumps? Classification of pump Positive displacement pump Centrifugal pump (Dynamic pump) How many types of compressors?  types of compressors mentioned below Rotary Screw Compressor. Reciprocating Air Compressors. Axial Compressor. Centrifugal Compressor. How many types of valves are used in industries? The types of valves are mentioned …

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