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Types of Fans

How Do Electrical Installations Enhance and Complement Mechanical Engineering?

How Do Electrical Installations Enhance and Complement Mechanical Engineering? In the intricate web of modern technology, mechanical and electrical engineering stand as pillars of innovation. While mechanical engineering often takes the spotlight for its tangible manifestations, the role of electrical systems in empowering mechanical functions is equally significant, if not more so.  This article aims […]

CasterShoX® Casters:

Optimized: Medium Heavy Duty Casters

Medium Heavy Duty Casters: Handling Loads up to 2000 lbs In a world where efficiency and reliability are paramount, medium-heavy-duty casters play a pivotal role across various industries. These robust components, capable of supporting loads from 900 lbs. to 1,999 lbs., are integral to the smooth operation of countless systems and machinery.  What will you


Different types of lines in engineering drawing

Introduction to Lines in Engineering Drawing Lines in engineering drawing are more than just strokes on paper; they convey critical information, dimensions, and details that guide the construction of complex structures, machinery, and systems. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the diverse world of lines used in engineering drawings. Whether you’re a seasoned engineer

Force Gauges & Test Stands from Imada India

Force Gauges & Test Stands from Imada India In industries where accuracy and reliability are paramount, force gauges and test stands play a vital role in ensuring product quality and performance. Imada India, a renowned manufacturer of force measurement solutions, offers a comprehensive range of force gauges and test stands designed to meet the stringent


Selection of Fasteners for your application

FASTENERS DEFINITIONS A fastener is a type of hardware used to attach two objects together through a mechanical process. Examples of fasteners include rivets, nuts and bolts, studs, screws, washers, eyebolts, and nails. Bolted connections most commonly use threaded metal bolts with nuts to hold two components firmly together. Alternatively, screws engage with matching threads

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Roles and Responsibilities for Mechanical Engineer​

Roles and Responsibilities A mechanical engineer has an open opportunity to select his carrier according to interests like sector Plant and product design, Plant and product development, construction, Procurement of mechanical equipment, reliability and maintenance of mechanical equipment and devices, Automobile engineer, engineering services, research, and development, and manufacturing. The roles, skills, and responsibilities change


GD&T : A Manufacturing Essential

GD&T A Manufacturing Essential When engineers make up a design, they do much more than show lines, holes, curves, and even solids. Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing give the allowable amount of variation in a model, which every developer or manufacturer needs to know before they set up machines and start production. Nowadays, all manufacturing industries

45 Degree Pipe Elbow

What is Pipe elbow?

What is pipe elbow? Elbow is pipe fittings, that are used to change the direction of pipeline routes for fluid flow. It is one of the most common types of pitting and generally used in every pipeline in plant or outside plant as well. This is available many in different angles – like 45°, 90°,



What is a Slip-on Flange? Slip on flange is most frequently used in the industries. There are two types of slip on flange these are slip on plain flange and slip on raised flanged SORF flange. Slip-on flanges are a type of flange used in piping and plumbing systems for connecting sections of pipes or

Socket weld Flange


What is a Socket Weld Flange Connection? Socket weld flanges are a popular choice for pipe installations that require secure and sealed connections. They offer several advantages, including ease of installation and reliable strength when compared to other connection types. Learn more about the benefits, uses, and installation of socket weld flanges here! A socket

Centrifugal pump Vs Reciprocating pumps

Difference between centrifugal pump and Reciprocating pumps Centrifugal Pump: Reciprocating Pump: 1. Working principle Centrifugal Pump is a type of dynamic type pump that discharges the liquid at uniform pressure over a range of flow. Then it drops dramatically as the flow rate increases by the help of the driver (Motor) rotate the impeller (mounting


Complete dimension charts of sockolet fitting

What is a Sockolet used for? Sockolet is used for 90 degree self-reinforcing branch accessories for pipe line fitting. As its names represent how that will connect to the run pipe (header pipe). Sockolet is a type of self-reinforced branch fitting developed by a company called Bonney Forge. And this is suitable for small bore

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