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Roles of Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer has an open opportunity to select his career according to interests like sector Plant and product design, Plant and product development, construction, Procurement of mechanical equipment, reliability and maintenance of mechanical equipment and devices, Automobile engineer, engineering services, research, and development, and manufacturing. The roles, skills, and responsibilities change according to his carrier […]

Rotating equipment part list

How to install mechanical seal

Installation of mechanical seal Ensuring a seamless mechanical seal installation involves a meticulous adherence to various checkpoints. Prior to disassembling equipment, secure the necessary permits from the company and strictly follow the safety guidelines outlined in the JSA and RA. Embrace the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) specified in the permits. Implement the Lockout-Tagout

Top 10 interview question glove valve

Top interview question answer about glove valve Why globe valve used in steam application in place of the ball valve? Actually nowadays a variety of ball valves are available in the industry. Due to new technology we can’t judge the globe used for steam lines and ball valves can’t. The main reason is that clearance

Interview question on bearing

What is bearing and why is it used? A bearing is a mechanical component used to support and reduce friction between moving parts. It is a critical element in various machines and equipment that involve relative motion, such as rotating shafts or linear motion systems. Bearings enable smooth and controlled movement while minimizing wear and

Interview questions for mechanical engineer

Interview questions for mechanical engineer about Pump What is a pump and how does it work? A pump is a mechanical device used to transfer fluids from one place to another. It works by converting mechanical energy, usually from a motor or engine, into fluid energy that can be used to move fluids. What are

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