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Plant maintenance is defined as a set of activities that are necessary to keep machinery, parts & types of equipment in good operating conditions to avoid production stoppage and loss. Objectives of maintenance management. To reduce loss due to the production stoppage.

Factors Affecting Corrosion

8 Crucial Factors Affecting Corrosion

Factors Affecting Corrosion Corrosion is a process of deterioration in metals caused by chemical, electrochemical, and biochemical reactions. It can significantly reduce the life of a metal structure or component. Different environmental factors, such as oxygen concentration, temperature, and surface area, all contribute to corrosion. This article provides an overview of the top 8 factors […]

Types of corrective maintenance

What Is Corrective Maintenance?

corrective Maintenance definition of corrective maintenance Corrective maintenance is an important part of effective maintenance operations that can help to improve the reliability, safety and performance of your equipment. In this guide explain the basics of corrective maintenance including how it differs from preventive maintenance, what types of failure occur, and how you can create

What Is Predictive Maintenance?

What is predictive maintenance? Predictive maintenance (PdM) is a data-driven approach to detecting and fixing potential problems in equipment and processes before they cause major malfunctions. This technique uses data analysis tools to identify irregularities and anomalies in operations, allowing for proactive maintenance solutions that minimize downtime and costs. Predictive maintenance is an approach to


Smart manufacturing industry 4.0 and IoT

Smart manufacturing industry 4.0 and IoT Industry 4.0 and IoT (Internet of Things) are the two most prevalent buzzwords in the world of technology. With the implementation of advanced technologies, like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc., the manufacturing industry has seen a significant transformation. There is phenomenal improvement in the operational efficiency and workflow of

What is Management of change (MOC)?

Management of change (MOC) Management of change (MOC) is that any measures or minor changes in the process plant are called management of change. There are many types of management changes that occur in a plant, like changes in P&ID, changes in isometric drawing, changes in equipment design, changes in operating procedures, changes in inspection

What is LOTO

LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) LOTO (Lockout-Tagout) is a safety procedure used in industries to protect workers from the unexpected startup or release of energy from machines or equipment during maintenance or servicing activities. It involves the use of locks and tags to isolate and control energy sources, preventing the accidental activation of machinery and ensuring the safety

FMECA | Failure Mode Effects And Criticaliy

FMECA (failure mode effects and criticality analysis) The (FMECA) failure mode effects and critical analysis method is used to identify and prioritize failures that could occur in the processing system or particular equipment. It is a part of FMEA. With the help of failure mode effects and criticality analysis to identify what types of maintenance

condition-based-maintenance (CBM)

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) Condition-based maintenance is also called (predictive, proactive) in which perform the activity depends on the condition of the equipment. To achieve the maximum production goal and avoid the unexpected equipment failed.   Condition-based-maintenance Condition-based maintenance has two parts condition monitoring maintenance   reliability-centered maintenance  When Condition-based maintenance (CBM) should be needed and when

What is role of maintenance engineer

What is the role of a maintenance engineer?  The main role of a maintenance engineer is Maintaining the equipment. Reduce maintenance costs. Keep the plants running at reliability and at full capacity. Reduces resources like human effort and assets.  Inspection of the equipment on a routine basis. Analysis of the criticality of equipment on the

What is preventive maintenance

  Preventive maintenance     Preventive maintenance is a proactive type of maintenance in its action was taken before breakdown maintenance and prevented failure of machines and also saves from equipment downtime.  Preventive maintenance can be done like weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly some time also use a quote (prevention is better than cure) for

Breakdown maintenance

Breakdown maintenance Breakdown maintenance is a prominent approach to equipment maintenance that primarily centers around resolving issues as they arise, rather than implementing preventive measures. While this strategy may offer certain advantages, it also presents several drawbacks that can impact operational efficiency and overall productivity. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the benefits and


Types of maintenance

What is maintenance? Maintenance is a regular process that helps to extend the life of an equipment or asset by looking after it from the moment it is acquired. This generally includes regular cleaning, inspections and monitoring on a weekly, monthly and sometimes daily basis. Such techniques can often be done frequently and contribute significantly

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