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How To Select Shaft Coupling | Grow Mechanical

Shaft Coupling Shaft coupling is a mechanical element which is in two halves and that is used to connect the two different machines. These mechanics may pump and motor, pump and turbine, pump and gearbox and motor as per use requirement. Its selection plays a very important role for equipment reliability and availability for operation. […]

What are the gear coupling and application

 What are the gear couplings?  Gear coupling Gear couplings are the type of flexible coupling and mostly use for high torque transmission for heavy machinery (positive displacement pump, gearbox, pump) and excess speed application as well. This type of coupling designed to transmit torque between two non-collinear equipment shafts, and with the help of two

How to install grid coupling

Installation guide for grid Coupling The installation guide for grid coupling provided by the manufacturer, in which torque settings for tightening of the set screws and bolts are also described within it. Some installations guide may contain additional data and dimensional information as well. The grid coupling is the assembly of two shaft hubs, grid,

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