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What is plain bearing

Sleeve bearings Sleeve bearings, also known as journal bearings, are a type of plain bearing that supports a rotating shaft using a cylindrical sleeve. The sleeve is typically made of a soft material such as bronze, brass, or a polymer like nylon or Teflon. The lubrication of the bearing is critical for its operation, and […]

Rolling Contact Bearing Image

Rolling Contact Bearing Part 2

Rolling Contact Bearing: Rolling contact bearings are critical components in diverse mechanical systems, from cars to heavy-duty industrial machines. They minimize friction and enable smooth rotation, allowing parts to move efficiently. Their unique ability to handle both radial and axial loads while conserving energy makes them invaluable in modern engineering. This article delves into the

Basics introduction of bearing

Bearing The term bearing comes from the bear, a bearing is a component that supports load while permitting relative motion between two parts of the machine. Bearing is an important part of a machine that carries the load, reduces friction, and gives a smooth operation. The selection of bearings is based on the requirement of

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