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Stainless Steel SS 316 Bolts Weight Chart

Stainless Steel SS 316 Bolts Weight Chart Here present a comprehensive stainless steel SS 316 bolts weight chart. Whether you’re a professional in the construction industry or a DIY enthusiast, this chart will provide you with the accurate weight details you need. It is commitment to providing accurate and reliable information, and this weight chart […]

ASTM A216 Gr WCB mechanical properties

ASTM A216 Gr WCB: A Comprehensive Guide

ASTM A216 Gr WCB Welcome to our comprehensive guide on ASTM A216 Gr WCB! If you’re looking for a reliable and versatile material for your next industrial project, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of ASTM A216 Gr WCB and explore its properties, applications, and benefits. ASTM

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Pipeline Inspection and testing

Pipeline Inspection and testing Inspection plays an important role to ensure Sustainability, Reliability, Safety and integrity for Plant and Industries pipelines. That is used to ensure the Sustainability, Reliability, Safety and Integrity of the system, and ensure that system integrity will not be compromised so it needs to be designed with care and follow all


General Knowledge Of ASTM A234 / ASTM A234M

Introduction of ASTM A234 / ASTM A234M Under ASTM A234 specification covers wrought carbon steel and alloy steel fittings of seamless and welded fitting materials. Design, dimension, tolerance, testing will be followed in ASME B16.9, B16.11, MSS-SP-79, MSS-SP-83, MSS-SP-95, and MSS-SP-97. These fittings are only applicable for pressure piping and vessel fabrication for service at

Materials of Construction - (MOC)

ASTM Standard Pipe And Fittings

Materials of Construction – (MOC) The selection of material of construction for plant’s equipment, fitting, composite fitting like (elbow, tee, reducer, pipes, flange, orifice, valve, steam traps, NRV) etc.  play a crucial role to sustain, reliable and life of itself. That must be based on various factors for setup a process plant. There are a

General Knowledge Of ASTM A216

General Knowledge Of ASTM A216 This covers materials specification of carbon steel castings materials for Valves, all types of flanges, all types of fittings, or other pressure-containing parts for high-temperature service and suitable for assembly with other castings or wrought-steel parts by fusion welding. Within the ASTMA216 materials grade cover three grades, WCA, WCB, and


General knowledge of ASME B16.11

General knowledge of ASME B16.11 ASME B16.11 is a standard for the forged steel fittings of pipeline, in which cover all details like pressure ratings, dimensions, tolerances, marking and material requirements for socket weld and threaded fitting only. But for special requirements of forged fittings with special dimensions, threads, or counter bores may be made

Difference between ASME B16.5 VS ASME B16.47 VS API 605

What is ASME B16.5

ASME B16.5 Introductions This is an American standard for pipe flanges and flanges fitting to size NPS 1/2 through NPS 24 metric/inch, all temperature pressure, dimension, tolerance and materials, and its testing and methods of designate opening of pipes flanges and fittings cover within its. For example flange rating class designated as follow 150, 300,

ASTM A106 Materials Chemical and Mechanical Properties charts

ASTM A106 Standard and Specification

What is the ASTM A106 standard? ASTM A106 is used as a standard of seamless carbon steel pipe and tubes for high-temperature service, like steams 750 degrees F and others. ASTM A106 is equivalent to ASME SA106 or also called ASME SA106 as a second name. It is mostly used in refineries, chemical industries, and


What is ASTM A105 grade

What is ASTM A105? In mechanical  ASTM A105 is the same as calling ASME SA 105 under ASME/ANSI B16.5 standard. This is the material grade that is used for carbon steel piping, which covers only seamless forged carbon steel piping components. Generally, it is used for the manufacture of forge piping accessories, like elbow, reducer,

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