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Ball Valves: Types, Selection, Applications pdf

What is a Ball Valve and How Does it Work? Ball valves are a type of valve used in a variety of industries, including oil and gas, chemical, and water treatment. They are versatile, durable, and easy to operate, making them a popular choice for controlling flow in pipelines and other systems. At their core, […]

All Types of Pipe Fittings Used in Piping pdf

Pipe Fittings Pipe fittings are used to connect pieces of pipe together, as well as provide strength and stability to piping systems. Depending on the type of fitting, they can be used to control flow, change direction, or even assist with insulation and noise reduction by providing a seal at connections. Pipeline fittings are an

Square Flange

What is a Square Flange

What is a Square Flange? Do you need to attach pipes in a certain arrangement, or secure heavy machinery? If so, then a square flange is the ideal piece of hardware for the job. It features a flat plate with four holes around the edge and can be used in many different configurations depending on

6 Common Method Of Pipeline Cleaning

6 Common Method of Pipeline Cleaning

Pipeline cleaning Pipe line cleaning plays an important role for smooth startup of a newly installed plant and there are many methods to perform pipe line cleaning depending on its service fluid. In some cases cleaning required is very high like for oxygen line, hydrogen line, syngas and others and if foreign particles leave in


End Cap Pipe Fitting | Grow Mechanical

End cap pipe fitting Introductions  End cap pipe fitting is a type of pipe fitting which is used on the end of a pipe/tube or equipment nozzle. The main purpose of the end cap is to protect the leakage from the pipe end or isolate the pipe end as well. That is available with the

stub in and stub on

What are stub-in and stub-on connection

What are stub-in and stub-on connection Stub-in is a type of branch from a run pipe that is fabricated by making a hole of approx 6mm larger than the outer diameter of the branch pipe. The stub-in is usually used when the branch is more than one size smaller than the main run pipe. The


Complete dimension charts of sockolet fitting

What is a Sockolet used for? Sockolet is used for 90 degree self-reinforcing branch accessories for pipe line fitting. As its names represent how that will connect to the run pipe (header pipe). Sockolet is a type of self-reinforced branch fitting developed by a company called Bonney Forge. And this is suitable for small bore

Type of gasket

What is a gasket? A gasket is a mechanical seal that is placed between two or more mating surfaces to prevent fluid or gas leakage. Gaskets can be made from a variety of materials, such as rubber, metal, cork, or paper, depending on the application requirements. They are designed to conform to the irregularities of

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