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Basic application of gate valve part 1

What is the gate valve used for?

Gate valve used for isolation of the piping system, also known as the isolation valve. Due to the working principle during the operation, it will either be in fully closed condition or in fully opened.

The main benefit of gate valves in piping systems is to minimize frictional losses. It is not used for throttling purposes, some disadvantages are also there like erosion. It required very little space for installations because of its disc, used in it as a gate. Gate valve used in a straight-through unobstructed pass way, due to the unobstructed pass way it allowed the pig’s through inside for cleaning piping systems without dismantling the valve system.

It is available in many features on the biases of size, temperature, pressure range and depends on its body design. And as compared to the price of other types of valves its price is slightly lower than others for the same size and same pressure ratings. Its operation is very slow than other types of valves like quarter-turn valves and it is not suitable for frequent operation, also available with electric, pneumatic, and manual controls.

Gate valve definition and Parts name

How does a gate valve work?

The working principle of the gate valve is when start rotate the wheel of the valve in a clockwise direction the gate (Disk) starts lifting with stem and its opposite when valve wheels rotate in anticlockwise direction gates start lowering slowly with its stem and close to the passing medium, of the piping system, its operating time is slow then other types of valves like quarter-turn quarter valves.

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Which is a type of gate valve?

Mainly three types of gate valves used in industries are classified below, classified based on the biases of their construction of the body, stem movement, and type of disk,

On the basis of the types of disk

  1. Split wages or parallel type disc
  2. Flexible wages
  3. Solid table type wages

Types of body bonnets

  1. Screwed type
  2. Welded bonnets
  3. Pressure sealed and
  4. Bolted bonnets

Types of step movements

  1. Rising stem types and
  2. Non-rising stem

When would you use a gate valve?

This type of valve is used where a fully open or fully closed processing system is required and also for fully isolated systems and is not used for throttling the processing system. because due to the throttling it’s obstructing the inside liquid and during the long period it will start processing erosion on the disc.

Does the gate valve reduce pressure?

Yes, very little pressure drop occurred.
How do you turn a gate valve to open it?

Rotate the wheel in a clockwise direction, and you will see the stem of the valve start lifting in an upward direction with the disk.

What does the gate valve look like?

Do gate valves restrict flow?

Yes, if it is partially open or closed.

How can you tell if a gate valve is open or closed?

With the help visual, if the stem of the valve is showing up, then you can decide it is open.

What is the difference between gate and globe valve?

A Globe valve is used to regulate and isolate (close or open) the flow in the straight-line application, whereas a gate valve is used for the isolation of the system. The gate valve belongs to the shutoff valve category and is for leaner motion application. It allows very little pressure to drop since no obstruction comes in the flow of fluid.

Gate valve parts

Stem, disk, yoke, gland, glands nut, and bolts, valve body, gland follower, stem wheels, stuffing box, packing, valve flanges, seat ring 02 nos.

Advantages of gate valves

Less space is required for installation as compared to other types of valves.

Its design and body construction are simple and easy to maintenance.

Available for large and small diameter applications.

Cheaper than the globe and other types of valves.

Easy to install and lightweight

Erosion is very low during fully open conditions.

wide range of applications

Very little flow restriction and pressure drop.

Disadvantages of gate valves

Due to the soft sealing material used inside, it is quickly damaged and needs more maintenance as compared to other valves. Must be used to either fully close or fully open, can’t for regulate the flow application. For a long time, leakage issues occurred, It is not used to regulate the flow application.

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