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Optimized: Medium Heavy Duty Casters

Medium Heavy Duty Casters: Handling Loads up to 2000 lbs

In a world where efficiency and reliability are paramount, medium-heavy-duty casters play a pivotal role across various industries. These robust components, capable of supporting loads from 900 lbs. to 1,999 lbs., are integral to the smooth operation of countless systems and machinery. 

What will you learn?

This article delves into the vital contribution of medium heavy-duty casters in the caster industry. Our focus will be on understanding how these durable casters enhance operational efficiency and easily manage heavy loads. This exploration aims to provide valuable insights into selecting and applying these indispensable tools in modern industry.

Understanding Medium Heavy Duty Casters:

Medium heavy-duty casters are essential in the caster industry, known for their maintenance-free operations and versatility. These casters typically support loads ranging from 900 to 1999 lbs. or, you can say, up to 2000 lbs. 


Commonly crafted from durable materials like steel and aluminum, they ensure longevity and reliability under significant weight. These casters’ construction includes rigid and swivel styles, catering to varied mobility requirements. Bearing types such as tapered, ball, roller, and annular ball are integral to their design, offering smooth movement and stability. 

What’s More?

These casters also feature single or dual-wheel designs and have multiple swivel locking systems for enhanced safety and control. This blend of strength, material quality, and functional design makes medium heavy-duty casters a cornerstone of efficient industrial operations.

Types of Medium Heavy Duty Casters: Features and Applications:

Exploring the variety within medium heavy-duty casters reveals various features and applications tailored to meet diverse industrial needs.

Medium Heavy Duty Casters:
Types of Medium Heavy Duty Casters: Features and Applications:

CasterShoX® Casters:

CasterShoX® casters stand out in the caster industry for their unique noise reduction capabilities. These casters are designed to significantly lower workplace noise, contributing to a safer environment for employees. 

Key features of CasterShoX® include:

  • Noise reduction technology
  • Shock absorption system
  • Enhanced ergonomic value


  • Automotive and Aerospace plants
  • Fulfillment centers
  • Plants with towlines or manual carts

  Swivel On Swivel (SoS) Casters

Swivel On Swivel casters are renowned for their dual swivel action, offering exceptional maneuverability. These casters facilitate straight-line movement in both forward and backward directions, which is crucial in tight spaces. 

Features include:

  • Dual swivel sections with precision ball bearings
  • Reduced castering effect for straight-line movement
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Load capacities ranging up to 1,500 lbs. per wheel (for SoS medium heavy-duty casters)


  • Production racks and fixtures
  • Parts bins and conveyor systems
  • Carts and Automated Guided Vehicles in confined spaces
CasterShoX® Casters:
CasterShoX® Casters:

Hercules Casters:

Hercules Casters are renowned for their durability and ergonomic design in the caster industry. 

Key features include:

  • Smooth rotation with extended lead
  • Customizable bolt pattern designs
  • Optional toe guards, top plates, or swivel locks
  • Maintenance-free with sealed precision ball bearings
  • Reinforced legs for prolonged life


  • Areas with inconsistent flooring
  • Environments prone to forklift damage
  • Use with towed dollies and floor guides
  • Applications involving potholes

TWERGO® Casters

TWERGO casters excel in maneuverability with their tapered tread design, allowing for a tight turning radius. 

Features include:

  • Reduced rolling resistance by an average of 25%
  • Less battery drain in powered carts
  • Ergonomic design reducing musculoskeletal strain


  • Long tugger trains
  • Material handling carts
  • Cargo carts
  • Ground support equipment

Additional Variants:

  • TWERGO® Lite: Single 2” wide wheel variant, combining ergonomic benefits with cost-efficiency.
  • TWERGO® Xtreme: Dumbbell configuration for higher weight capacities, retaining standard TWERGO benefits.


Selecting the Right Medium Heavy-Duty Casters:

Selecting the suitable medium heavy-duty casters involves careful consideration of several factors to ensure optimal performance and safety:

Load Capacity: 

Evaluate the weight of both the load and the transporting equipment. Incorporate a safety factor – typically an additional 33% – to account for uneven weight distribution. This ensures each caster can support the necessary load without failure.


Consider the workplace environment, such as floor surface, debris, or chemical exposure, to select casters with appropriate materials and durability.

Wheel Material: 

Options include semi-pneumatic, pneumatic, CasterShoX, round thread, and TWERGO. Select based on load requirements and floor conditions.


Assess the frequency and intensity of use. Durable casters are crucial for heavy-duty applications and withstand regular, intense usage.


Select between rigid or swivel casters. Rigid casters offer straightforward movement, while swivel casters provide excellent maneuverability in tight spaces.

Height and Wheel Diameter: 

Ranges from 5.25 inches to 21.50 inches in height and 3 to 18 inches in wheel diameter affect mobility and load capacity.

Top Plate Size: 

Ranging from 4 x 4.5 to 8.5 x 8.5 inches, the top plate size affects stability and weight distribution, which is critical for safe and efficient operation.

Caster Concepts can provide tailored solutions for custom needs, ensuring each caster meets specific requirements. Caster Concepts can fulfill custom caster requirements, whether it’s a unique wheel type, specific swivel or rigid style, or a particular height and top plate size.

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Case Study: Helping a Tire Manufacturing Facility in Reducing 71% Push Force

The Challenge:

In a significant tire manufacturing facility, the challenge was handling material carts that were difficult to maneuver, leading to overexertion injuries among the workers. With 118 operators handling these heavy carts, the push force required was a substantial ergonomic issue.

The Solution:

The solution involved collaboration with the company’s ergonomist, Dave C. After reviewing the cart designs, we recommended a trial of Twergo® casters. These casters, known for reducing physical strain, were tested on four cart designs. The result was remarkable – a significant 71% reduction in push force, greatly enhancing worker comfort and reducing the risk of injuries. This case highlights the impact of choosing suitable casters in the caster industry, especially in high-demand manufacturing environments.

Caster Concept – Let Your Loads Handled by Experts

Selecting the right medium-heavy-duty casters is pivotal for maximizing efficiency in industrial applications. It’s not just about supporting heavy loads; it’s about ensuring safety, mobility, and productivity. Caster Concepts is a beacon in the caster industry, offering an extensive range of casters tailored to meet diverse requirements. With a focus on innovation and quality, their solutions are designed to handle the challenges of any industrial environment. 

For expert advice and a product range that encompasses all your medium-duty caster needs, reach out to Caster Concepts – where experts handle your loads.

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