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Gate valve

Gate valve vs angle valve

Troubleshooting of Gate Valve Part 5

Understanding Gate valves Gate valve is commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, and water treatment. They are used to control the flow of liquids and gases through a pipeline or system. These valves work by using a gate that slides up and down to regulate the flow. It is important […]

Piston valve

Gate Valve vs. Ball | Piston | Globe Valves

Gate valves: pros and cons Gate valves are commonly used in industries where low fluid resistance and tight sealing are necessary. They operate by either completely opening or closing the gate inside the valve body to control the flow of fluids. One of the main advantages of gate valves is their ability to shut off

Gate valve selection factor

Gate Valve Operation: Selection and Material

Understanding Gate Valve Operation and Selection Gate valves are essential components in many industries and play a crucial role in controlling fluid flow. There are many operation types, including rising stem, non-rising stem, and multi-turn. Rising stem valves offer greater visibility of the valve position while non-rising stem valves require less vertical space for installation.

Gate valve definition and Parts name

Gate Valves selection application and design

Gate valve definition and introduction Gate valve is a type of linear motion valve that uses a gate or wedge-shaped disc to control the flow of fluid through a pipeline. When the gate is fully open, it allows the fluid to flow freely through the valve, and when it is fully closed, it completely blocks

Gate valve definition and Parts name

Basic application of gate valve part 1

What is the gate valve used for? Gate valve used for isolation of the piping system, also known as the isolation valve. Due to the working principle during the operation, it will either be in fully closed condition or in fully opened. The main benefit of gate valves in piping systems is to minimize frictional

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