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Types of Plate flanges

ASME B16.47 Flange Dimension chart

ASME B16.47 Flange Dimension Chart The ASME B16.47 standard provides guidelines for large diameter steel flanges (NPS 26 to NPS 60) used in various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation. The flange dimension chart is a tabular representation that provides essential information to ensure proper flange selection and installation. Here are the […]


Pipeline Flanges and its all Application

What are pipeline flanges? Pipeline flanges are an essential part of any piping system, providing a secure and reliable seal to ensure the safe transfer of high-pressure liquids or gases. Whether you’re installing a new system or maintaining an existing one, it’s important to understand how to choose the right pipeline flange for your application.

Types of Plate flanges

Plate Flanges – Specifications and application

What Are Plate Flanges? Plate flanges are flanges which are made from metal plates. This type of flange is incredibly versatile, and can be used for a wide variety of applications in industrial sites. It is usually come pre-drilled and tapped with holes, though they can also be customized according to your specific needs. This

Types of Nipo Flanges

Introduction to Nipo Flange

What is Nipo Flange? Nipo Flange is a type of pipe flange that is used in  the fluid industries and piping systems. It is a special flange that provides superior strength and superior sealing capability compared to other standard flanges. Nipo Flange is a type of mechanical parts designed for high-pressure pipelines and plumbing systems.

Types of Spectacle blind flanges

Spectacle Blind Flanges and Their Applications

What Is A Spectacle Blind Flange? Spectacle blind flanges are highly specialized pieces of equipment that can be used for a variety of industrial applications. They provide efficient sealing, reliable performance and are designed to help facilitate inspection, repair and maintenance needs. Spectacle blinds, also known as spades or ring spacers. A Spectacle Blind Flange

Types of Weldo Flange

Understanding the Basics of a Weldo Flange

What is a Weldo Flange? A Weldo Flange is a type of sheet metal flange that uses welding to create a secure seal between two part of pipe or pipe to equipment. It provides superior strength and reliability with additional fastening components. It has strong leak proof capabilities and can be used on almost any

What Is Screwed Flanges and it’s application

What Are Screwed Flanges Screwed flanges are commonly used in the construction and engineering industries as a secure option for connecting pipes, valves, and other components. In this article, we’ll explain how screwed flanges work and what makes them an important part of many projects. How Do They Work?  Screwed flanges are fastened to pipes


TYPES OF PIPE FLANGE | Grow Mechanical

Pipe Flange Pipe Flange is used to connect two different pipe, piping accessories like strainers, valves, or equipment nozzles like pumps, vessels, compressors, etc to each other for build a complete pipeline system. This is a circular plate with a set of small and big holes. The big hole is equally size to pipe OD,


SORF Flanges Guide and Specifications

What is a SORF Flange? SOFR flanges are essential components of many pipelines, machines and other equipments. A SORF flange (Slip On Raise Face) is a type of flange that is designed to be easily installed with welding or bolting. It comprises four parts– two raised faces, a hub bore, and bolts or studs used

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